COVID-19 Regulations and Safety



1. It is mandatory to wear a mask

2. Alcohol gel is available at reception

3. Social distancing

4. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze with a handkerchief or your arm to avoid spreading droplets.

4. Disinfecting all appliances after use, as well as surfaces (reception desk, etc.).


1. Alcohol gel available to everyone

2. Equipments must be cleaned with hand sanitiser before and after use.

3. The gym should be aired out by opening the doors to let the air circulate.

4. It is necessary to book the gym at reception and request the key, this way we make sure there are no crowds.


1. Alcohol gel solution available in the lounge area

2. Before using the sun lounger, use the alcohol gel available to clean and disinfect it

3. Maintain social distancing



1. You must book and request the key at reception for individual use; if you are from the same household, a maximum of 3 people can be in the sauna

2. Ventilate the sauna when not in use so that the air circulates

3. Clean and disinfect after each use 



1. Alcohol gel is available for guests in all chalets

2. At the end of each stay, the chalet is cleaned, disinfected and prepared for the next stay

3. We ventilate the chalets by opening the windows and leaving them open for a period of time so that the air circulates.

4. Use of personal protective equipment by the cleaning team

5. Bed linen, towels and kitchen towels are all removed and placed in duly labelled bags for collection by an external laundry service

You can consult our COVID-19 Contingency Plan

You can consult our COVID-19 Contingency Plan

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